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Three weeks has passed when we moved to the new but old house.
Though our new life has started, the rooms aren’t put in order yet. The plan for the living space is totally different, so I haven’t decided on a suitable layout yet. But we can cook and eat, take a bath and sleep.There are no problems with everyday living anyway.

Day by day I come to like this area where we have moved.
It reminds me of Taipei.
Standing densely packed houses, winding streets and various noises of cars and bikes, construction, children etc.
Walking for 15 minutes,the shopping district appears, which is full of colors and noises and people. Of course there is a variety of restaurants and shops.

The apartment we lived in before was located at the top of a hill in a quiet area. I remembered that when I moved there 18 years ago, it reminded me of San Francisco.
At that time I didn’t want to move, but we had to move to reduce the living costs. But day by bay I grew to like that area like San Francisco.

This time is the same situation, but I can live happily.
Once I live in a place, it grows on me.
To every bird, his own nest is best.
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