time to downsize
We have been packing cartons with stuff for the moving.
Several new cartons appear on the floor everyday and also packs of refuse.
Sometimes I was unexpectedly surprised when I discovered things in the closet that I had entirely forgotten.

Through this packing I realized that we had lived with so many unnecessary things and to live is to generate a little trash and dust day by day (We have been living in this apartment for 18 years.) •
Preparation for a moving is a tough job, however it’s a good opportunity to reconsider my life.

I noticed I could part with my stuff more easily than before.
At one time I couldn’t throw things away which might be needed someday in the future, for example books and magazines, scrapped articles, seldom worn jackets and skirts, unsuitable but expensive clothes unordinary tableware etc.
So I kept them just in case but most of them have been unused.
This time I became quick at deciding whether to discard or keep something

I suppose it's due to my age.
When I decided to throw something away, I asked myself whether it will be necessary in the next 5years.
Though I wanted to enlarge my life when I was young, after turning 55years old iit's time to downsize.
I would like to live with belongings I feel comfortable with, work I am willing to do and people I love.

After decreasing the amount of stuff i have, I feel like a breeze flows in our house and inside of my mind.


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